Karaba FC - April Dancer EP [Vinyl]

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Format | 12" Vinyl

Variant | Black

French indie/post-hardcore outfit Karaba F.C. (Paris/Brest) subtly mixes touches of 90s emocore vibes (Sunny Day Real Estate, Thursday) with 2000s indie rock (Bloc Party, Placebo) and always a hint of post-rock.

Debut EP 'Empty Rooms' came out in December 2021, featuring audience favorite singles After Party and Said Safe, followed by a series of concerts in France and Belgium in 2022 with highly positive feedback from the crowds: performances loaded with emotion, passion, and a more abrasive sound than on the record.

Ready to take things a step further, Karaba F.C. go back in the studio in the fall of 2022. Live performances steered Karaba F.C. towards a rawer, heavier sound. Navigating between ethereal instants and sheer energy, the band’s new material is more unbridled than ever.

Determined to use this momentum and to capture their live sound, they head to Serge Morattel’s REC Studio in Geneva, Switzerland. The resulting 6- track EP April Dancer reaffirms Karaba F.C.’s post-hardcore influences, with segues into noise and screamo.

Roundabout, April Dancer's first single was released on every platform on March 4th.

Pressing Information

/200 Black Vinyl

Co-released by - A la Dérive Records (FR/CAN) - Araki Records (FR) Clever Eagle Records (US) - Ripcord Records (UK)

Track List

  1. Roundabout
  2. Medication
  3. My Demise
  4. Pain & Pleasure
  5. Pictures of Us
  6. In The Violence

Catalog Number CER-035