Phantom Bay - Underground EP [Vinyl]

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Format | 12" Vinyl (Single-sided)

Variant | Transparent Red

Distro Item

The world is in a terrible place, everyone knows it, and nobody does anything against it. Phantom Bay’s emotive brand of hardcore only plays the soundtrack to this epiphany. Formed in Bremen, Germany, in 2020, the band’s members are deeply rooted in the punk scene, having cut their teeth in numerous earlier projects. Phantom Bay’s sound draws influence from the full spectrum of punk music, with hints of 80s D.C. hardcore, 90s emo and 00s melodic hardcore, never compromising on melodic quality.

After releasing a debut album in 2022, Phantom Bay toured Europe with LA punks Militarie Gun and opened for hardcore heavyweights Turnstile. Having made their UK live debut at Manchester Punk Fest, the band is set to perform at legendary Fest in Gainesville this Fall.

On their nuanced follow-up EP “Underground”, Phantom Bay delivers cohesive songwriting and sharp hooks. From the riff-ladden opener “Airtight”, to groovy lead single “Ends Meet” and the anthemic closer “Collective Decline”, Phantom Bay demonstrates how versatile a punk record can sound in 2023.

Lyrically, the record is a reflection of the world’s current state, viewed through the prism of the average doom scrolling white-collar millennial. “It feels like we’re on this downward trajectory where Western societies are bound to degenerate. My entire social media feed is telling me that this world is going to hell. No wonder people are turning back to more primal, racist, greedy, impatient and reckless behavior. I tend to absorb all of this until I can’t anymore. Writing music is my way of coping, it’s therapy.”

COLLECTIVE DECLINE is about strongly disagreeing with the direction the world is headed towards, but feeling too insignificant and paralyzed to make changes. It’s a song celebrating the feeling of being a small cog in the machine and realizing that this world will go to hell, no matter what you do.

“Underground” is set for release on September 8th 2023 through Krod Records.

Format Single-sided 12" transparent red vinyl

First Pressing, limited to 300 copies

Lyric Sheet included

Track List

  1. Airtight
  2. No Space
  3. Bullet
  4. Ends Meet
  5. Collective Decline