Nessel - Gestalt [Vinyl]

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Format | 12" Vinyl

Variant | Clear w/Blue Splatter

Gestalt is Nessel’s debut album – which was released on September 9th, 2022. The Stuttgart-based band started working on the seven songs exactly two years prior. 

Nessel’s members already knew each other from previous projects such as Archivist, Knife Eyes and Mahlstrom. Gestalt is their first joint effort, somewhere between shoegaze, black metal, indie and post-hardcore. 

The album starts with a flight forward, gets lost in the abysses and problems of the individual protagonists and outlines a man-made dystopia, alternating between crystal clear and gloomy passages. From sprawling shoegaze soundscapes to black metal borrowings. Gestalt was recorded during last year's endless limbo and produced by Steve Frenzel in Nuremberg. 

Gestalt will be released on vinyl via I.Corrupt.Records (Cologne, Germany), Through Love Records (Hamburg, Germany), Fireflies Fall (Bordeaux, France) and Clever Eagle Records (Minnesota, USA). A limited edition slipcase tape will be released via Hamburg’s Natural Resources. 

Format 12" Vinyl

Pressing Information 

/200 Clear w/Blue Splatter

/100 Translucent Red

Track List

  1. Flucht
  2. Dunkel
  3. Graupel
  4. Absenz
  5. Fragil
  6. Starre
  7. Sturm