Uchu Nekoko - Hibi No Awa [Vinyl]

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Format | 12" Vinyl

Variant | Pastel Pink

Distro Item

Imported direct from P-Vine Records in Japan

Uchu Nekoko is a Japanese alternative pop unit that now gains attention from indie music lovers not only in Japan but overseas as well. After KEXP-FM played a song by Uchu Nekoko on their program, it became widely recognised by indie pop/shoegaze listeners not only in Japan but also around the world.

The artwork for almost all of their albums is by Japanese illustrator Tomoko Oshima. Her illustrated record jackets can now be seen in record stores around the world.

Their debut album 'Hibi No Awa', originally released in 2016 and produced with guests such as Lovely Summer Chan, Yo Irie and lulu, is now available on vinyl for the first time!

Format 12" Vinyl

Pressing Information P-Vine Records (PLP-7671CP)

Limited pressing on pastel pink vinyl

Track List

  1. Divine Hammer (with ラブリーサマーちゃん)
  2. Online Love (with tsvaci)
  3. ガラスの虹 (with reddam)
  4. Summer Sunny Blue (with 入江陽)
  5. isn't Anything (with lulu)
  6. び、ね、つ (with 入江陽)
  7. ただいま。 (with tsvaci)
  8. 日々のあわ (with ラブリーサマーちゃん)
  9. 日々のあわ (Reprise)