Aesop Rock - Labor Days [Vinyl]

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Format | 2x 12" Vinyl

Variant | Metallic Copper

The Labor Days 20th Anniversary Edition 2xLP is pressed on metallic copper vinyl. Labor Days was Aesop Rock's fourth release and his third full-length studio album. The project was originally released in 2001 as his first album on Definitive Jux. The album includes popular songs "Daylight" and "9-5ers Anthem", and guest features from Illogic and C-Rayz Walz, as well as production from Aesop Rock, Blockhead, and Omega One.

Pressing Information Rhymesayers Entertainment (RSE356)

Track List

  1. Labor
  2. Daylight
  3. Save Yourself
  4. Flashflood
  5. No rEgrets
  6. One Brick (feat. Illogic)
  7. The Tugboat Complex Pt 3
  8. Coma
  9. Battery
  10. Boombox
  11. Bent Life (feat C-Rayz Walz)
  12. The Yes & The Y'All
  13. 9-5ers Anthem
  14. Shovel


released November 19, 2021