Apart - Through The Cracks [Vinyl]

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Format | Vinyl

Variant | Green w/Black Marble

Through The Cracks: or how Apart tackles head-on what is hard to talk about, to
admit to ourselves or to others. Strong themes that permeate every facet of these 9
new tracks of heightened sensitivity. It's the kind of thing that's come up against
disillusionment, wounds and things left unsaid, just like the crashed car on the cover
of this first LP. Apart started out as an indie-folk project, but has kept only a few
fragments of it to evolve into an absolutely electric incarnation, but still imbued with
the same taste for a refined, harmonious sound. Add to that the production by the
inimitable Amaury Sauvé (Birds In Row, Arhios, It It Anita...), and all the
ingredients are there to put Le Havre on the map of emo rock.

Apart's debut album has a very special quality. If you realize how emotionally
charged it is from the very first seconds, it's only as the tracks unfold that the feat of
such intensity is revealed... without a distorted guitar! An insistence on clean sound
that's not incompatible with the desire for big riffs, backed by a rhythm section with
unshakeable energy. This collection of songs is enhanced by such euphonious
melodies. But also Vianney Dupont's voice, with its shaken sweetness. An ideal bed
for his quasi-therapeutic lyrics, about subjects that touch intimately on the emotional:

Through The Cracks is a representation of the breaches in our human relationships.
We've always tried to bridge the clefts to keep this project moving forward, despite
the departures that have come and gone. Friendships are central to the themes of
this album, which is all about estrangement, both gradual and brutal. Then there's
the difficulty of saying things to each other, the things that are left unsaid, particularly
within the family. "Frayed" is more about taking it in our stride when we "crush"
ourselves too often to avoid conflict and maintain the harmony of our relationships on
the surface. There comes a day when we end up exploding, with no control over
what we say/do and the regrets that may imply. With a rock spectrum borrowing as much from pop punk as from indie and
post/math, it was necessary to surround themselves well to get through the first
album stage. Apart made no mistake in calling on Amaury Sauvé, the sound
engineer with a reputation for being ultra-invested in the albums he produces. In this
case, it even goes beyond the artistic. The man from Laval played the role of
re-sealer, enabling the band to stay on course. Vianney explains:
The human encounter with Amaury was very important. He's always been there to
help us bounce back when we've been in trouble and had doubts. Every album is
different, but the fact that he was there helped us to understand those stages, to
overcome them and to get to where we are today.

Pressing Information

/300 - Transparent Green with Black Marble

Track List

  1. Honest to Myself
  2. Unsaid
  3. Reveries
  4. Old Tapes
  5. Recollection
  6. Isabella Bird's Last Journey
  7. Campfire
  8. Distant Signals
  9. Frayed

Catalog Number CER-039


Produced, recorded and mixed by Amaury Sauvé at the Apiary Studio (Jan 2022 - Feb 2023)

Mastered by Thibault Chaumont (March 2023)

Photography by David De Beyter 

All songs written & performed by Apart

Apart are Alexis Joly, Maxime Peres, Vianney Dupont

Lyrics by Vianney Dupont

Release date : 10th May 2024

Labels : Flake records, Clever Eagle Records, Disque Ardent, Emergence Records

Press Relations - Clément Duboscq / Vous connaissez 

Digital Distribution - Wiseband