Blame Art - Aneuma [Vinyl]

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Format | 12" Vinyl

Variant | Black

"Aneuma" is a treatise on the inability to communicate with others. In their new album, Blame Art molds misunderstanding into a sound that blends emo, shoegaze, and screamo, culminating in noise-rock.

After four long years, Blame Art draws a line to circumscribe one of the greatest discontents of our time: human incomprehensibility. A project that challenges market norms with six tracks, some of which exceed 9 minutes in length. Like the beat poet William Burroughs, who was particularly interested in symbol studies as a communicative sign in the 60s, the band from Milan confronts contemporary communicative ineptitude in the debut album. "Aneuma" reveals the instability of modern relationships, hierarchical and corrupted by the need to impose oneself on others.

The relationship between vocals and instrumentation is the essence of the album: vocally, multiple registers are recognizable: rom lead singing to a desperation growling. The tracks are structured from low intensity and a clean vocal timbre, then reaching noise-rock curves. The heavy intertwining of instruments, a symptom of inner chaos, is inversely proportional to the silence of symbols, the first culprits of communicative detachment. On the other side of silence lies the entropy of Blame Art. The band itself coins its own symbol: in the album, the shared discomfort is fixed as a warning to dispel personal and collective demons. "Aneuma" sounds like a lullaby torn by a choked cry. By extension, even emotional communication is engulfed, which is why when certain impulses become necessary, they erupt like tormented screams.

"Aneuma" is Blame Art's debut album, set to be released on January 12, 2024, including a special vinyl version, for Non Ti Seguo Records, No Funeral Records (CA), Clever Eagle Records (USA), and Dancing Rabbit Records (DE).

Pressing Information

200 total copies. Comes with gatefold jacket and 2-sided insert

/100 - Black vinyl

/100 - Clear vinyl

Track List

  1. Simbionti
  2. Girandola
  3. Nido
  4. 6 Grammi
  5. Tra i ricordi
  6. Considerazioni Genetiche

Catalog Number CER-038


Recorded by Fabio Intraina at TraiStudio
Mixed by Fabio Intraina and Marco Caproni
Mastered by Giovanni Versari at La Maestà Studio

Artwork by Alice Porro

Published by: NonTiSeguo Records, No Funeral Records, Clever Eagle Records, Dancing Rabbits Records

With love and gratitude,

Gabriele, Giacomo, Marco