Colours Octave - Colours Octave [Vinyl]

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Format | 12" Vinyl (single-sided)

Variant | Black 180-gram vinyl w/poster and sticker

Debut self-titled release from Malaysia screamo band Colours Octave.

Pressing Information

Limited first pressing of 200 copies.

/50 - Black (single-sided)

/150 - Clear with splatter (single-sided)

Clever Eagle Records version includes: Single-sided, 180-gram vinyl (black or clear w/splatter); Printed Lyric Insert; Colours Octave sticker; Colours Octave Poster; Vinyl Record Catalog Card

Co-released with New Knee Records, Desperate Infant Records, and Hardcore Detonation.

Track List

  1. In The Great Absence
  2. How to be Non-Fatalist
  3. Ingrigue Tales of Loneliness and Confession
  4. She
  5. Melankolia
  6. Infinitely Precious
  7. I am Art Critique and your Poetry is Just Pseudo-Novella
  8. Solemn Music Playing

Catalog Number CER-018