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Grey October Sound - Timeless Lo-fi [Vinyl]

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Format | 12" Vinyl

Variant | Black

Distro Item

The lo-fi hip-hop production team Grey October Sound, which has made a name for itself in Japan and abroad with the release of "Lo-Fi Ghibli" and "Lo-Fi City Pop", a cover of a Ghibli song, has released a compilation album of their songs, "Timeless Lo-Fi", on vinyl! Timeless Lo-Fi" is now available in analog format!

◆ Grey October Sound is a production team that has gained attention through the release of quality lo-fi hip-hop compilations such as "Timeless" and "The Cave," and has become well known in Japan and abroad with the release of "Lo-Fi Ghibli," a collection of covers of classic Ghibli films, and "Lo-Fi City Pop," which covers classic and popular city-pop songs.

◆ The lo-fi hip-hop compilation album "TIMELESS vol. 1," which Grey October Sound released in 2020 as a digital-only release and made a splash, has been re-titled "Timeless Lo-fi" with added bonus tracks and is now available in a long-awaited analog format! All are high-quality original lo-fi hip-hop tracks, and fans who got to know them through "Lo-fi Ghibli" and "Lo-fi City Pop" will definitely enjoy them.

◆ The jacket is based directly on the impressive artwork of "TIMELESS vol. 1," which was created by "Narume," an illustrator known for his PC98 dot-based works, and is sure to become a topic of conversation along with the music!


Format Vinyl

Pressing Information 

Black vinyl with OBI strip

P-Vine Records (PLP-7666)

Track List

1 Waves / Grey October Sound & MICHVEL JVMES
2 Wonderlust / Grey October Sound & NFM
3 Homie Banter / Grey October Sound & Samurai YaS
4 Walking Alone at 2am / Grey October Sound & MICHVEL JVMES
5 Reverie / Grey October Sound & Samurai YaS

1 Y&A / Grey October Sound & COCO
2 Slow Down / Grey October Sound & MICHVEL JVMES
3 Eye to Eye / Grey October Sound & Samurai YaS
4 Tokyo Salute / Grey October Sound
5 The Life I Live / Grey October Sound