Pettersson - Ashen Plain [Vinyl]

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Format | 12" Vinyl

Variant | Transparent Red w/Black Smoke

 This is the 2nd full-length release from the Vienna band Pettersson. Their music is a blend of post-hardcore and screamo, with a mix of singing and screaming vocals.

Pressing Information

/300 Transparent Red with Black Smoke

Co-released with I Corrupt Records, Fireflies Fall Records, Pundonor Records, Zilpzalp Records, and Zegema Beach Records

Track List

  1. Lighthouse
  2. Dass es so weiter geht ist die katastrophe
  3. Petrichor
  4. κ​α​τ​ά σ​π​ο​δ​ε​λ​ὸ​ν λ​ε​ι​μ​ῶ​ν​α
  5. Guillotine
  6. Sisyphe des Plaines
  7. Kaleidoskop
  8. Sluk

Catalog Number CER-040