Sagosaid - Tough Love Therapy [Vinyl]

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Format | 12" Vinyl

Variant | Black

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Based on alternative rock, SAGOSAID also incorporates indie rock, post-punk, and gal culture, and is rapidly capturing the hearts of listeners with a band sound that is comparable to current overseas artists such as Beabadoobee and Snail Mail. While retaining the lazy and decadent coolness of alternative rock, their clear and open sound is impressive. Combined with previously unseen Japanese lyrics, the positive side of rock that embraces the hardships and weaknesses of life and releases them with love, and the reason why alternative rock captures people's hearts, the full album "Tough Love Therapy" containing all 12 songs has been long-awaited to be released on analog!

◆Self Liner Notes by SAGO
"But remember, this is all nonsense. And while I'm at it, that 'tough love therapy' that was popular in the 80s is crap. It doesn't work. It's not real." p.372
"Nirvana History: Sick Souls"

Tough love therapy was a form of therapy for drug addicts that was popular in the 80s.
Strict, detached love and constant pampering love - both can be wrong and both can be true, and I think relationships with the people you love are difficult.
And this work was made with love.
I want people to feel all kinds of love.

Format Vinyl

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Track List

Side A:
1. The name only you know
2. Broken song
3. Brainstop
4. Stay soft, touch my skin
5. Reborn

Side B:
7. Chinese Restaurant
8. Disease
9. Tough Love Therapy
10. Rain, rain,
11. Summer Hurts
12. Spend many years