Spangle Call Lilli Line - Trace [Vinyl]

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Format | 12" Vinyl

Variant | Yellow

Distro Item

Imported direct from P-Vine Records in Japan

Originally released in 2005, Spangle call Lilli line's fourth album - TRACE - is being reissued by felicity for the first time on LP format as a limited edition colour disc. As they go from strength-to-strength on their 2021 album Remember, and have a number of singles in the works, the reissued TRACE grants listeners the opportunity to look back on a career defining album that solidified their sound at the boundaries of downtempo, post rock and dream pop.

Format 12" Vinyl

Pressing Information 

Limited edition, first pressing on yellow vinyl

P-Vine Records (PLP-7814)

Track List

  1. ttyy
  2. mila
  3. U-Lite
  4. Corner
  5. canaria
  6. reappearing rig
  7. stereo
  8. R.G.B
  9. sugar